© Nils Koenning, Berlin for Regiolux

Axel-Springer building, Berlin

Use of DALI-controlled light runs in the new Axel-Springer building in Berlin

The new Axel-Springer-Kiez building in Berlin, which has been built to the plans of Rem Koolhaas from the OMA architectural practice, is a 13-storey office building with a self-supporting, three-dimensionally folded atrium façade. The architectural highlight is the 45m high, open atrium that diagonally bisects the new building. This divides the building into two parts that are constantly in a face-off situation.

The lighting in the #atrium with #SRT light runs follows the linear look of the building. With high luminous fluxes, narrow-beam light distribution and, at the same time, very good #glare reduction, the light is guided down to the ground floor from heights of up to 42 metres.

The SRT light run contributes to the energy-efficient operation of the media house, saves material and energy, and also improves the #CO2 footprint. The German sustainable building council [DGNB e.V.] awarded the new building the gold certificate for #sustainability.

© Nils Koenning, Berlin for Regiolu

Axel-Springer building, Berlin

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