Donation handover: SRT trunking system to the Dr Georg Schäfer vocational school in Schweinfurt

Under the motto “Sustainability you can touch: Acting consciously for a better future”, I would like to introduce you today to a special initiative that shows how we are committed to a better future. At this year’s Light & Building, the shell of our #booth was made of our #trunking system #SRT. After the trade fair, we decided to donate these luminaires – including to the vocational school in Schweinfurt. The handover of almost 70 metres of trunking system for 3 classrooms took place on 5 June in Königsberg. Let’s take a look at this special day together and see how our SRT system is taking a sustainable path and how we are doing good with a regional #donation.

10 a.m.: Arrival and welcome of the teachers

The teachers from Schweinfurt Vocational School arrived punctually at 10am. Our management and the responsible office and field staff warmly welcomed the guests. This was a good opportunity to get to know the teachers from the region personally and to find out what the vocational school teaches those who install our products, including the continuous rooflight.

10:30 a.m.: Tour and training

After the welcome, we started with a tour of our lighting exhibition. The short training session on installing the SRT system was particularly interesting. Our experts explained the advantages and easy handling of the luminaires. The teachers gained valuable insights that they can pass on to their pupils.

11:30 a.m.: Lunch together

In our canteen, we had the opportunity to continue our discussions over lunch in a relaxed atmosphere. The focus was on discussing sustainable projects and the future of lighting technology.

12.30 p.m.: Loading the transporter and photo session

After lunch, it was time to get down to business: loading the transporter with the donated strip lights. This resulted in a great photo shoot that captured the joy and gratitude on both sides. The pictures speak for themselves and show how important such regional initiatives are.
We then travelled on to Schweinfurt to the vocational school, where the excited eyes of the pupils awaited us. Under the instruction of the headmaster, the lights were unloaded from the lorry hand in hand in a chain.
We are already looking forward to seeing when the truking system will be installed and used as a teaching aid, and we will provide a short update on this – so check back regularly on our social networks.

Sustainability you can touch

By donating our SRT system to Schweinfurt Vocational College, we have made a small but important contribution to supporting the training of young people. Our luminaires are now being used in the classrooms and are helping to create a modern and energy-efficient learning environment.

This campaign shows how sustainability is practised at Regiolux: through conscious action and regional support. We are proud to make a contribution to the education and future of young people and at the same time use our environmentally friendly products in a meaningful way.

Donation handover: SRT trunking system to the Dr Georg Schäfer vocational school in Schweinfurt

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