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Interview Torsten Kiesslich-Köcher

Torsten-Kiesslich-Köcher, Sales Manager Export


What is your personal guideline/motto/motivation?

Find new solutions, challenge the new! In this spirit – if plan A doesn’t work, there are 25 more letters in the alphabet.

You have been Export Manager at Regiolux for 23 years – what do you like about working internationally and which countries do you look after?

I currently look after the Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, as well as Great Britain, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA, Ukraine and a number of major international customers.

Every interaction in a different cultural environment is a gift and represents an enrichment of knowledge. The diversity of requirements, the variety – by working with many countries, no day is like another.

What distinguishes the export business in your countries from the German market?

First of all, business is always done between people, no matter where in the world. However, there are often significant differences in the framework conditions and culturally determined processes that have to be taken into account and accepted.

This starts with architecture and ends with certificates. In many countries, for example, visible light sources are frowned upon or even unacceptable. The different geographical latitudes are also directly related to the preferred light colour temperatures. In the Baltic region or in the Nordic countries in general, warm white lighting is usually preferred. Further towards the equator, a so-called cold white, i.e. light with more blue components closer to sunlight, is preferred.

You have strong business and family ties with Ukraine and have taken the initiative in recent weeks to provide aid, so tell us briefly about it …

Regiolux has been active in Ukraine since 2006, and since then we have implemented many different projects with our lighting solutions in cooperation with our Kiev-based sales agency. It was in this context that I met my wife, who was the director of the partner agency a few years ago.

With the beginning of the Russian invasion at the end of February, we were immediately aware that we had to actively provide aid, which would then reach those in need directly on the ground.

We were overwhelmed by the support, both regionally and beyond, and above all by the great support and understanding of Regiolux. With a monetary donation of 10,000 € we were able to make an incredible difference – a big thank you at this point to our company owners and to Mr Steffenmunsberg and the entire management!
In this context, we founded the association “Freundeskreis Ukraine Haßberge e. V.”. The fact that we know and understand the country, speak the language and have family and friends there made the whole organisation a lot less difficult. What we do to help, what moves us every day and how you can support us, you can find out here: FREUNDESKREIS UKRAINE HASSBERGE – e.V. (ukraine-hilfe-hassberge.de)


Ukraine Hilfe Haßberge

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Interview Torsten Kiesslich-Köcher

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