70 years of Regiolux – anniversary of a success story

Consistently set for the future.

In April 2022, our medium-sized #family business celebrated its 70th #anniversary. At the same time, we at Regiolux not only looked back on decades of #success, but also continued to consistently look ahead.

Looking energetically to the future.

“70 years of Regiolux are an occasion for us to look back a little, but rather positively and energetically into the future,” said our Regiolux CEO Marco Steffenmunsberg. “We have really outstanding #new developments in the pipeline that guarantee the highest added value for users and their well-being, but also convince in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability. At the same time, we are increasingly looking towards customer proximity and problem-solving competence. I am proud to have such an excellent and motivated team by my side.”

Looking back with pride.

We at Regiolux also look back on the past with pride: courage and an open-minded approach to new technologies, such as the current topic of Human Centric Lighting, are constants throughout the company’s history. The foundation of the company in 1952 by the manager of the Fränkische Rohrwerke in Königsberg, Bavaria, already bears witness to this. With her decision to find a product to keep the employees occupied during the cold season, she not only set an example of social responsibility, but also turned to a new task: the manufacture of luminaires. Regiolux was born.
If you want to learn more about Regiolux and our #history, take a look at our timeline.

70 years of Regiolux – anniversary of a success story

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