Sustainability is a top priority at Regiolux

#Sustainability is more than just a buzzword at Regiolux – it’s a philosophy that is embedded in everything we do. From our logistics to our products, we are actively committed to a greener future. We see sustainability as a responsibility towards the environment and future generations. We are proud to contribute to a greener future while offering innovative solutions that help our customers work more efficiently and in a more environmentally friendly way.


Sustainable logistics with GreenPac

In our endeavours to achieve sustainable logistics, we have developed an innovative concept that we use on a project-by-project basis: #GreenPac packaging. This large packaging enables us to deliver and handle products more efficiently on site, reduce costs and minimise the consumption of packaging materials at the same time. Our aim is to combine ecological and economic aspects.

For #GreenPac, we have identified a selection of lights that fit perfectly into this concept. These include the #SRT trunking system, the #SDT trunking system, the #ballea sports hall luminaire, the #sportler sports hall luminaire and the #worker hall and surface luminaire. These products are characterised not only by their high energy efficiency, but also by their suitability for sustainable packaging solutions. More to follow.


Green Update: Sustainable refurbishment with Regiolux

Regiolux is your ideal partner when it comes to refurbishing and modernising existing lighting systems. Under the motto “Green Update”, we are focussing on a future-oriented approach that goes far beyond the replacement of luminaires. We support planning offices and specialist tradespeople with our expertise and experience to develop customised solutions.

Our #refurbishment solutions fulfil all the essential requirements for energy-efficient modernisation. Whether retrofitting, refurbishing, modernising, special solutions or the use of replacement kits – we offer you the support you need to bring your lighting up to date.


Sustainable materials for a greener future

An important step towards sustainability is the use of environmentally friendly materials. An outstanding example of this is the diffuser of our popular #smile mirror light. This is made from the sustainable and ISCC-certified TRUCIRCLE™ polycarbonate. This change in material has enabled us to reduce CO₂ emissions per metre of profile produced by an impressive 73%.

The use of pine oil as a raw material for this new material is not only environmentally friendly, but also helps to utilise waste products from the timber industry. We are committed to extending this sustainable approach to other luminaire families and continuously optimising it.


Current refurbishment solutions from Regiolux

Our current refurbishment solutions reflect our commitment to sustainability. The #changy downlight series is an outstanding example. This range is suitable for both refurbishment and new build projects and offers a wide variety of types for maximum flexibility. Thanks to the innovative TriZone lens, which was developed in collaboration with LEDiL, these luminaires offer first-class lighting technology.

The SDT trunking system is another solution that focuses on sustainability. Here, even gear trays that is over 40 years old can continue to be used after refurbishment, while the lighting technology is upgraded to modern LED technology. This not only enables cost-efficient modernisation, but also a long-term reduction in energy consumption.

Our #GreenKit refurbishment concept is a clever solution for replacing outdated T5/T8 fluorescent lamps. This LED insert for existing luminaire housings not only offers legal certainty, but also enables quick installation thanks to the magnetic holder.


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Sustainability is a top priority at Regiolux

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