Single lens technology three row



The Individual.Lens.Optic is a classic #single-lens optic based on the “total internal reflection” TIR process (total reflection system) with a smooth and therefore particularly easy-to-clean surface. The continuous optic with uniform LED spacing, even across several modules and luminaires, creates a very calm appearance despite the single-point imaging typical of LED technology. The individual lenses are optimised for the respective desired light distribution and also take into account the glare limitation specifications according to the “unified glare ratification” (UGR) method. With the deep wide-beam optics, even the strict specifications for #screen workstations regarding the avoidance of reflected and direct glare can be complied with. With an incredible 8 different lighting technologies, from extremely wide-beam to extremely narrow-beam to asymmetrical and double asymmetrical and even diffuse-beam, the right lighting technology is available for every application. The luminous flux for a module today is up to 2400 lm and the #luminous efficiency reaches values of up to 186 lumens per watt. For applications with a higher degree of protection, the lens module can be equipped with an inconspicuous transparent gasket. Outstanding design uniformity is maintained even when using different light distributions within a project.


The facts:


  • Uniform 3-row light spot distribution across modules and luminaires

Efficient / bright:

  • Available in 2 efficiency classes up to 186 lm/W

Versatile: 8 application-optimised optics

  • extremely wide distribution (105° all-round): optimal illumination at low heights
  • wide beam (95° all-round): optimum illumination for low heights of larger structures
  • Low/wide beam (80° all-round): area lighting partially BAP-compliant, UGR ≤ 19
  • narrow beam (C0 40°, C90 85°): for medium and large heights and shelf aisles
  • extremely narrow distribution (30° all-round): especially for high-bay aisles and extremely high halls
  • asymmetric distribution (20° in one direction): panel lighting, galleries, goods displays, loading bays
  • double asymmetric distribution (C0 70°, C90 90°): shelving and aisles in archives and shops
  • diffuse distribution (C0 115°, C90 110°): homogeneous area lighting without multiple shadows


  • Indirect light component for brightened ceilings with the diffuse iced version.


Products with single lens technology three row: zatta 3-phase track, worker high-bay luminaire, sportler high-bay luminaire, SDT trunking system, SRT trunking system

Single lens technology three row

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