Halogen-free wiring now also available from SRT

What exactly does “halogen-free” mean?


The group of substances known as halogens includes the very “reactive” elements fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine and astatine. A material is halogen-free if it does not contain any compounds with these elements. Because halogens release vapours that are toxic to humans in the event of a fire, they have the potential to turn an accident into a disaster.

To prevent fire spread, smoke development, toxic gases and burns from dripping plastics, the use of halogen-free wiring is now mandatory in many public facilities. These include airports, stadiums, clinics and schools – anywhere we can find large gatherings of people.

Regiolux is happy to meet these stringent requirements for numerous luminaires on request.

Due to the frequency of these requirements and the complexity in the area of continuous row systems, we have done good preliminary work. For our complete #SRT rapid-assembly trunking  system, #halogen-free insulated cables are now also available, both in the through-wiring of the support rails and for the wiring of the device supports. Just get in touch with us.


SRT Lichtband Querschnitt halogenfrei

Halogen-free wiring now also available from SRT

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