Diffuser technology

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By combining light-directing elements such as lenses (e.g. Individual.Lens.Optic iced) or prisms with iced diffusers, it is possible to influence the radiation characteristics of the classic diffuse normal distribution or lambda distribution (λ-shape). The coordination between the lighting technique and the degree of colouration of the diffuser material plays a decisive role. The two requirements of directing light as precisely as possible on the one hand and achieving an optical appearance that is as homogeneous as possible on the other are in direct conflict with each other. With the #diffuser trough of the SRGLP, another component was brought into play to mitigate this conflict. Forward-scattering nanoparticles in the synthetic material of the diffuser enhance the lighting effect without negatively influencing the optical appearance. Thanks to these colloidal fillers and their photometric properties, outstanding system efficiencies of currently up to 176 lm/W are achieved for #diffuser luminaires without compromising the homogeneity of the illumination. The surface of the diffuser is smooth on the outside and therefore easy to clean.

Lichtttechnik Diffusortechnik

The facts:

  • Calculated prismatic distribution in iced optics
  • Deep/wide beam – optimal in the hand-held position (#SRGLP)
  • Indirect light component for brightened ceilings and light rooms


Product with diffuser technology: SRT trunking system

Diffuser technology

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