Single lens technology single row

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The central.line.optic is a double or bi-LED lens that works according to the total internal reflection (TIR) principle and thus allows extremely high light output ratios. The lens shape, which is precisely matched to the application, ensures top values in #glare control, as proven by the #UGR value. The convincing appearance is enhanced by the fact that the LEDs are arranged very closely in a line and the individual points therefore merge into one line. The resulting uniform light distribution, with lateral edge brightening, reduces the light-dark contrast in the eye of the beholder and deepens the positive impression. The absence of an undesired colour fringe proves the high quality of the LEDs used and the #lens technology. The LED-lens interaction is suitable for ambient temperatures from -20 to +50 °C. This lighting technology is initially available in wide (beam angle 95° rotationally symmetrical), deep-wide (C0 80° C90 75°) and deep-beam (C0 25° C90 100°) versions. The light engine currently achieves a light output of up to 3750 lm per unit. The peak efficiency of the luminaire luminous efficacy is currently up to 195 lm/W. Further advantages of this lighting technology made of high-quality acrylic glass are the integrated theft and dismantling protection, the screw-free mounting, the easy-to-clean surface and the transparent #IP54 seal for applications up to IP54.

The facts:

  • Fewer focal points thanks to large lumen packages in one module
Optics of light distribution:
  • wide beam: optimum illumination at low height
  • narrow/wide distribution: the allrounder
  • narrow beam: a strong choice for shelf aisles and high heights
Efficient / bright:
  • You have the choice between 2 efficiency classes
  • suitable for harsh ambient conditions thanks to solid PMMA


Product with single lens technology single row: SRT trunking system

Single lens technology single row

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