Multilayer lighting technology

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This light control is based on a smart combination of different foil and disk layers, which create, with their specific features, the desired overall light characteristic. Aiming to avoid undesirable point luminance by precise light distribution – in one or two layers – generating an appearance soft and homogeneous to the eye. Complemented by a specially developed light-directing layer which ensures appropriate glare control. #Multilayer technology ensures excellent glare control values with UGR ≤19 and a luminance <3000 cd/m², and this with relatively small light emission apertures.

By example of office luminaire hokal:

The direct/indirect distribution #hokal LED luminaire paired with forward scattering #diffuser foil and cone glare control prismatic lens are a guarantee for UGR 13 and thus for the most demanding visual tasks, while at the same time providing standard-compliant illumination of workstations. The hokal #office luminaire guarantees the use as single and continuous row luminaire, is DALI controlled and can also be used for IoT. Thanks to all-round glare control in accordance with the DIN-EN 12464-1 standard, it is ideally suited for VDU workstations.

More luminaires with multilayer technology: aduna clean room luminaire

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Multilayer lighting technology

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