Better learning with efficient LED lighting at the Jean-Paul-School in Wunsiedel

Good lighting in the classroom promotes learning, increases the ability to concentrate and supports the well-being of pupils and teachers. This guiding principle also determined the general refurbishment of the Jean-Paul primary and secondary school in Wunsiedel, which was built in 1929.

High demands were placed on the lighting system of the all-day school – highly efficient LED lighting with modern #lighting management. The direct-indirect #visula pendant luminaires fulfil this requirement not only in terms of lighting technology but also aesthetically and can be controlled via a KNX interface in the building. The luminaires used achieve the #glare reduction required for #screen workstations thanks to high-quality #microprismatics. A customised version of the visula wall luminaire, which was adapted to the requirements, adorns the staircases in the school buildings.

High energy savings are created by the presence detectors integrated in the suspended ceilings. The light is switched off completely as soon as the last pupil has left the room.

Regiolux luminaires were also used in the school kitchen and in the workrooms – here planara recessed luminaires ensure the required higher IP54 protection rating. Funding from the BMU’s climate protection initiative was used for the lighting #refurbishment. The prerequisite for this is the use of LED luminaires including lighting control as well as a CO2 saving of at least 50 percent – the achieved saving in the old building is even 70 percent!



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