Interview Karlheinz Kriegsmann

Karlheinz Kriegsmann, Sales Manager Key Account – Responsible for Seminars

Personal maxim / motto

Business is done between people.

Short description of your area of responsibility

Together with my education, I have been with Regiolux for almost 45 years. After decades of working as a sales manager in the #sales department, my current area of responsibility includes interesting areas such as the support of key customers, responsibility for the organization and further development of seminar and web seminar systems. Sales communication and tasks in the field of #energy round off my field of work.

What made you stay with Regiolux for such a long period of time? And that in the area of sales, although there is normally a higher turnover there.

Well, such a long time is of course unpredictable. Looking back, everything happened in stages, triggered by the respective tasks. So the years have gradually added up …

Which points have changed decisively over the many years in the seminar business?

  • Let’s start with what is still valid – the personal contact has remained the most important point when we convince with the other parameters, our products and services.
  • In a world with many communicative possibilities and growing time pressure, it has become more difficult to bring customers and interested parties to the plant.
  • In addition to the standards of a seminar (factory tour, tour of the laboratory, etc.), the process has changed a lot. We have to get the information across to the participants in a more compact but accurate way so that, in addition to a “good impression,” they also take home technical information that is immediately useful to them in their day-to-day work. This component in particular has gained significantly in weight compared to earlier times, when people often spoke of a “trip to the plant.”
  • The challenge for us in the future is to counter the trend toward events with continuing education status with an offering. At the same time, we have to develop ideas that serve the emotional area under the keyword “event”.

Interview Karlheinz Kriegsmann

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