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Heilig-Herz church

Conversion of the Heilig-Herz [Sacred Heart] church into a school – inspiring learning in a special atmosphere

The Dutch church from the 19th century now houses the School for Personal Education. This school places great emphasis on personal development and excellent conditions for successful learning. One requirement was that the fabric of the historical building and the atmosphere of the nave with its high arches and stained glass windows were to be retained during the conversion. One challenge for the lighting designer was to achieve bright #illumination down to the floor without disturbing the impression of the room.

Different levels were added in the large church hall for classrooms and public spaces. Efficient #LED luminaires from Regiolux provide the best light for learning here with state-of-the-art technology. They are suitable for VDU workstations and help improve concentration and learning performance. The #nave was orchestrated with filigree luminaires to retain the spatial atmosphere of the church. The corridors are illuminated by wall luminaires with asymmetrical light distribution to further emphasise the vaulted arches. The lighting level in all rooms meets the Dutch government’s requirements for “Fresh Schools” with defined luminous intensities. Modern lighting management systems were used to help reduce operating costs.

The following video shows some glimpses of the converted #church and the chosen lighting solutions: www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDyFKb58xHw



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Heilig-Herz church

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