Interview Daniel Hau

Daniel Hau, Sales Manager Export


Personal maxim / motto

Success is a staircase, not a door.

Short description of your area of responsibility

I work in #Sales as Sales Manager and take care of the countries Italy, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden, Finland as well as the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman. I elaborate #lighting solutions with our local partners in order to be able to offer our end customers a modern and efficient lighting system from Regiolux.

What encouraged you to follow your path to a management position at Regiolux?

After my training as an #industrial clerk, Regiolux gave me professional opportunities that I was happy to accept and appreciate. On the one hand, I naturally wanted to return the trust placed in me, and on the other hand, it’s fun to actively help shape the future of the company after developing professionally in such a responsible position.

Business trips were not possible for a long time now – in retrospect, is personal contact with customers via digital media (mail, phone, networks) less effective than face-to-face conversations?

I think that digital media was a good alternative to face-to-face contact because of the pandemic – however, these platforms cannot completely replace face-to-face conversations. Business is done between people and I still prefer direct personal contact with my customers and partners.

Interview Daniel Hau

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