Modern working environments with light for people

Modern working environments with light for people

With today’s lighting technologies and knowledge, it is possible to optimize the static artificial light in our environment. The lack of natural #daylight, especially in #office spaces and at #homeoffice workplaces, can be compensated by bringing #artificial light closer to the course of daylight. The human biological clock is thus re-synchronized, promoting well-being and supporting health. Based on the knowledge that the human organism is shaped by daylight, the goal must be to integrate the positive aspects of daylight into modern lighting design.

But what to do when daylight is not available in sufficient quantities?

In this case, artificial light can take over certain daylight functions and provide the right light at the right time. Based on natural light, artificial lighting uses Human Centric Lighting and Tunable white to create a dynamic effect during the course of the day. Of particular importance are the changes in lighting level and light color. Such lighting is able to support the circadian rhythm (biological rhythm of about 24 hours) of the human being.

Human Centric Lighting (#HCL) stands for a lighting concept that, based on the course of daylight, provides the user with the right light for the respective living or working situation at any time.

Tunable white describes the variable color temperature control from warm to cool white light with matching color temperature and illuminance.

Optimal lighting for the workplace is glare-free and emits both direct and indirect light – creating balanced luminance levels in the room. In the morning, warm white light with a color temperature around 2,700 Kelvin provides a pleasantly perceived start to the day. In the evening, the same configuration creates a harmonious transition into the evening. At midday, there is a transition to cool white light of around 6500 Kelvin, significantly increasing the lighting level. This lighting helps to overcome the midday slump and sustainably increase concentration. Human Centric Lighting counteracts eye fatigue and initiates rest phases to create strength for the next day.


Selection of Regiolux lighting solutions with Tunable white: visula surface-mounted and pendant luminaire, alvia pendant luminaire, agila pendant luminaire, lowea surface-mounted luminaire.

Modern working environments with light for people

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