Interview Harald Popp

Harald Popp, seminars, energy optimisation, lighting technology


Personal guiding principle / motto / motivation

In times of technological change and digital networking, the transfer of know-how is extremely important.

Brief description of your area of responsibility

My tasks include organising and conducting seminars internally and externally, lighting technology support for the Key Account department and energy optimisation.

What is it about Regiolux seminars or what makes them special?

The Regiolux instructors come from the respective specialist departments and can therefore demonstrate practical relevance.
The seminar contents are based on a wide range of topics and are tailored to the respective clientele (retailers, planners, electricians).
We offer special technical seminars (Relux, DALI, IoT) but also individual events in consultation with our customers.
The best thing about it: personal ties are created and cultivated!

Are there any innovations around the Regiolux seminar world that are interesting for our participants?

Digitalisation but also the Corona crisis have strongly driven web seminars and this will also increase and develop further. The trend is towards special topics on light and luminaires.

Interview Harald Popp

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